My left leg was badly injured in a car accident almost 15 years ago.

Basically I'd been told that there was nothing more they could do and that that was it for life. So for 7 years I just put up with it. I couldn't jog without pain. My knee felt weak all the time and there was very little range of movement in my ankle.

Wayne has treated me and the results have been amazing. I can run and my knee feels so much stronger. I now have 90% range of motion back in my ankle.

I'm stunned that he was able to do this. If you have any problems whatsoever, GO AND SEE HIM You wont regret it.

• Callan Mulvey - Actor, Byron Bay and Victoria

Wayne saved me from back surgery and I've never looked back.

Making the decision to see Wayne to treat my back pain was one of the most important decisions I have ever made.

Wayne explained everything to me in a way no other therapist ever has. The treatment he provides is also unlike any other I have ever
experienced. I have seen more results with the treatment he has provided than any other practitioner I have ever seen before and I will never go back to any other form of treatment.

Wayne is also so friendly and down to earth and he makes you feel completely comfortable and I highly recommend that anybody with any sort of pain whether it be back, hip or any other part of the body go and see Wayne and see for yourself. He is an absolute legend and I tell everyone I know about him.

• Paula Richards - Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

I feel absolutely fantastic and cannot believe the strength and balance that is back in my body. Before attending the clinic I never achieved lasting results with any practitioners - something would always niggle or come back again - now when I have a niggle I find that because you have a 'whole body approach' everything seems to straighten itself out. No more pain. Thanks a million!

• Kasia Wrzesinski- Albert Park, Victoria

The doctor wanted to operate on my shoulder, now after visiting you even he is amazed and wanted your business card, I have full movement again and have even returned to my martial arts training (which is where I originally incurred my injury) Thanks a million guys.

• Robert Scott - Balaclava, Victoria

As a 28 year old teacher, I’ve had a back problem for many years which was later diagnosed as a disc prolapse.  There had been countless trips to different treatments and professionals including acupuncture, geopathic, pilates, osteo, chiro, hand acupuncture etc. without much of a result. It seemed to work initially but after a couple of sessions of treatment I was back to where I was before.

I had been completely confined to bed for two months when I finally met Wayne.

I am a firm believer of a conservative treatment but I was in so much pain that I had finally decided to take the doctor’s advice and made an appointment to get a steroid injection hoping to relieve the agonising pain. When I went for the first myotherapy treatment, I was driven to the clinic and I was walking with a walking stick.

For a busy, young person, this was hard to accept but it was harder to adapt to the new disabling changes. However, Wayne was very confident that I would get on my two feet again if I was committed to this treatment. I decided to cancel my steroid injection appointment after Wayne confirmed that his treatment would better without it.

 After only couple of treatments, I was able to walk without the walking stick and with a better posture. In a month time, I was actually able to sit down for more than four hours and have a meal with the family. This was an amazing improvement as just a month ago, I had trouble sitting down on a chair for more than a minute!

Now I am able to do more than what I did before I had back problems including everyday routine activities that we take for granted; walking, driving, cooking, working,  etc, which I questioned of ever doing again only nine months ago.

I have also started exercising regularly to strengthen my core muscles. I am just glad that I have found the treatment that works for a bad back! If only I had known earlier, I would have saved a lot of pain, effort, time and money.

Thank you Wayne for getting rid of that walking stick!!

• Anna Kim - Balwyn, Victoria

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