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Craig Harper

What's happening to me?

Ok here's the deal you went to the gym and decided to walk home and halfway there all of a sudden you feel something give, pain shoots through your body and you find it very hard to move, oh my god, what's happening to me? Will I ever walk normally again and what about the gym or playing footy with the kids? These are all things that race through your mind when your muscles go into spasm and your joints hurt.

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Who is Wayne Stafford?

Wayne Stafford has had a lifelong passion for boxing, martial arts and strength training. His early teenage years saw him and a mate sneaking off on their bikes after school (as their mothers did not approve) and heading off to a boxing gym several suburbs away. The knocks and bruises were explained away as wrestling injuries and bike falls. 

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Anatomy in Motion

Neurokinetic Therapy and P-DTR

Fascial Manipulation and Active Release Technique

Sanity Check

You're not going mad, you don't need surgery, anti-depressants or need to see a psychologist. You have "PAIN" that can be explained by what's happening in your movement patterns and by whats happening in your joints and soft tissue. Get assessed by Wayne and his team and start fixing your pain and start living your life again.

See our mentor and teacher Mr. Gary Ward appearing on BBC's "Doctor in the House"

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